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Buyer Beware of Sleepy Eye Fakes

1/2/2016 Sleepy Eye/ Indian Head Pottery is our most copied collection. It is only made by Weir and WSCo Stoneware Co of Monmouth and a few mugs by Redwing Stoneware of Chief Redwing . We only made the pieces in the early years for Sleepy Eye Mill Company. We NEVER made or sold Sleepy Eye pottery with other company advertising on our pottery. This is a collectors line only so pieces sold with other company names or logos are frauds. Also, any authentic piece should be heavy and not lightweight. There would never be a question mark made in the glaze.

Frauds we know of were made in the 30s and 40s. These fakes are very lightweight and seem to have ads on them. The more recent frauds are rumored to come from overseas and too are very lightweight as well.

Genuine Indian Heads should:

Be heavy as they are made from stoneware clay only.

Some of our authentic pieces could be seconds with flaws in the glazing or clay.

Also, very limited runs were made in the 50s and 60s. If you suspect you have them, the 50s are brown only and the 60s do have dates on the bottom. Please let us know if you see any of these.

The Indian Heads made in the 70s thru 2000 should have authenticity certificates and are dated on the bottom. Additionally, these pieces are usually numbered.

You may view the only THREE genuine 2015 Sleepy Eye pieces made by Redwing Stoneware here on our website above.

11/2015 The year ends on a high note. Above please see our latest Indian Head prototypes. Look at that fantastic detail! The things we've never seen in clarity before.


Please note, I have noticed there have been quite a few fake Indian Head pieces appearing for sale online lately. Some of them are clearly marked "reproduction", but note these have not been authorized by WSCo. Other listings of our famous Indian are clearly fakes and are not marked as such. Buyer Beware. Pieces made by WSCo. since the should be heavy and come with certificates of authenticity. Certificates have been sold with WSCo pieces since the 70s.

3/23/2015 Right, now the owner and his wife are taking a ceramics class and working to get the new location in shape for the business. We hope to update the web site this summer and our biggest news for the business is coming soon.

2/12/2015 We are NOT affiliated with the defunct Maple City Pottery which made primitive style handmade wares. Western Stoneware has always made/makes a more modern artistic style pottery. We hope this helps with any confusion.